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Why Are You Doing This? Deep Questions to Put Your Business in Perspective

From episode: TGMS Ep: 125 Get out of your own way-REVISED!

it in perspective. You know, sometimes when the going gets tough, we completely lose touch. We completely lose touch. Um, and we can't, we can't, the going's going to get tough guys. It's like I said, last week, it's not easy or everyone would be doing it. The going's going to get tough. If you own your own business, there's nothing simple about it. That's why I said last week, there are times where I recommend someone not starting a business, but then I think about it and think that's kind of stupid. Um, if they're going to start their own business, let them start their own business. They've got gung ho. They've got motivation to do that. That would be stupid, but I want to tell them not to. I think, you know what I mean? So here's a couple of questions you can ask yourself on putting it in perspective. Why are you doing this? That's a great question. Why are you doing this? You run this business. Why? I get different answers every time I ask. The answer could be, um, I, you know, I mean, my answer is I enjoy serving people. Um, I enjoy hitting goals and I had a calling to start this business. I really did. I look at it as a calling. It was a calling to start this business. Other answers, you know, could be, I was just expected to, I'm the second or third generation. And my parents just expected us to come into the business. Wasn't necessarily what we wanted. It was just expected of us. That's a tough spot to be in. So why are you doing this? Who are you doing it for? Who are you doing it for? That's a great question. And what are the consequences if you decide not to do it? Some good questions, deep, deep questions to ask yourself. You know, they say, I mean, now they say now's a great time to sell business. It's a seller's market. If you're miserable doing it and you don't want to do it anymore, now's the best time to sell. But you have to ask yourself, what are the consequences and who are you doing it for? I just want to prove I can do this. Well, that's the wrong reason. My mom and dad would be very disappointed if I didn't continue this on. Or uncle John would be very disappointed if I didn't continue this on. That's the wrong reason. So we get in our own way. Remember the topic. And I want to help us get out of our own way. You know, you could be in a situation where you just don't want to do it anymore, but you're a big enough company where you can hire someone to run the darn thing. And you can play another part. People do it all the time.

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