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An award-winning entrepreneur, Greg McAfee has a passion for helping business owners take their businesses to new heights. In 1990, Greg started McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning Co., his only capital was a meager $274 and a well-used truck. Today, Greg runs one of the most successful HVAC companies in the Midwest and is called upon to share his expertise with other business owners all over the nation.


In his new book, “Build and Grow Your HVAC Business”, Greg shares nine elements that will guide you in growing your business. He loves to inspire others to chase their dreams at full force, just as he has in his own life and business. Greg is still the working President of his company and puts the same systems and ideas in to place at his own laboratory, McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning Company, in Dayton, Ohio.


Greg resides in Beavercreek, Ohio. Several years ago Greg sent articles to national trade magazines and many were published, which led to coaching, which led to business boot camps/revivals, and now The Greg McAfee Show. All these services help HVAC business owners think different and help grow their companies.


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4750 Hempstead Station Dr.
Dayton, OH 45429

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