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Integrating Christian Values in the Daily Operations of Your Business

From episode: TGMS Ep: 137 Part 2 Business By His Design

integrate your Christian values in the day -to -day operations of your business, even when things go bad? I mean, we have bad days, you know what I mean? Well, so really, and we say Christian values here, but how does someone integrate any value into a business? I mean, how do you do this? Well, to me, that means first, you've got to have them clearly identified, what are our values here? But then second, even more important, you have to live these out. You can't have a bunch of values or mission statement on the wall. And then you go out and you do something totally different. So to me, it's identifying and then living them out. And then three was any chance that I could get as a leader to bring these to life with the day -to -day actions that we were doing, that's what I tried to do. I tried to, with all of our values, so there was one Bible verse in particular whenever that really hit me, it's kind of like a life verse people talk about, but I use this even in my mission of my business, but Colossians 3, 23, and it says, whatever you do, do with all your heart as if you're working for the Lord and not for men. So for me, that spoke to me, that like, okay, whatever I do, whether that means I'm doing a tuneup on an air conditioner, whether that means I'm sweeping the floor, whether that means I'm giving a big company meeting to everyone in the company, do it with all my heart as if I'm working for the Lord and not for just the people. And it was truly a form of worship if you do it right. So if I'm on a tuneup and I could cut a corner, whatever, I mean, yeah, that's probably clean and I don't need to take that cover off and really dig in there, crawl across the attic to really check that. Yeah, we could do that. But with this verse to me, we had even a wristbands that said Hunter Super Techs and add that Colossians 3, 23 on there. And I'll purposely pass them out. I would wear it as a reminder to myself that, oh, wait, yeah, we're not just doing this for this customer. I'm doing it for a bigger purpose. And if I do it right, it's a form of worship and can have all kinds of other rewards as well. So communicate, clearly define your values. I built that into the company, into the mission statement, all of that stuff, but then live them out and then recognize them whenever you see somebody doing one of those values well. For another example, going the extra mile. This is a biblical principle or a story in the Bible about going the extra mile. So for us, we had an extra mile award. And what I would do every month, anytime somebody went the extra mile, they would get nominated by a peer and then we would write it up on the whiteboard. And then at the end of the month, we'd celebrate this and we would recognize all these extra miles. And then we would pick a prize or we had some different things we would do. But the point was, what gets measured and recognized, gets repeated and improved. So for us, we wanted these values to get repeated and improved. So we had to measure them and recognize them. So that's kind of how I would advise somebody to integrate any value into a business like that.

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