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How Faith Has Helped Chris Hunter in His Business Journey

From episode: TGMS Ep: 137 Business By His Design

you share a specific challenge or a difficult moment in your business journey and how your faith played a role in overcoming it? It's a great question. I mean so for me, I can't tell you how many times I mean Even the smallest challenge. Yeah, I would I would pray daily, you know, it forever little thing So, I mean it wasn't just a matter of the the big ones for me. It was a Matter of just leaning on on a God's wisdom all the time but but I'll tell you what one one significant one for me and this was wasn't necessarily a challenge, but it was an opportunity and So At one point in time I was approached by a franchise group, right? This was early in my business and they were they had this model where they wanted to give you a bunch of money They wanted to write you a big check and then essentially you convert over to the franchise And then and you know operate that way. Well, they flew us down and wind and dined us, you know and all the stuff They're really oh, it just looks like an awesome thing and they were prepared to write us a million dollar check Hey just cash this check it's yours and to me, you know I'm from a small town in Oklahoma and I don't care what you say million dollars my eyes just got huge You know, it was a lot of money. I couldn't even imagine at the time having a million dollars You know like that and and I was gonna take it, you know, I'm like me my wife both were like, yeah Hey a million dollars would be a fool not to do this deal. And then I remember praying about it. I'm like God just don't let me mess this up, please, you know, I mean make it either Yes, or no, just help me Don't let me get in the way of this thing and I sure enough man my gut hit and it twisted I could just feel it and it said no, you know don't and I was and so I'm thinking okay we're really gonna turn down a million dollars because You're prompting me to say no So for me that was like a huge like line in the sand Are we gonna take the money the million or say no because of prompting by my God to tell me hey This ain't the right time. And uh, so me my wife both decided you know what let's let's let's roll with it Let's trust trust what's in store for us and we said no And turn that deal down now fast forward a few years later several years later Our business took off the private equity boom came in and we were able to sell the business later on for for much much more than that, but uh it was it was but that was a pretty key time for me just to say would you turn down a million dollar check if God told you to say no, and I don't know how many people could say that but uh Made for a very real decision to make you know Yeah, and if you were out there on your own and you didn't have the relationship With God with Christ as you do You would have said yes, and then who knows who knows where you'd be a million a million is still a lot of money But boy it spent pretty

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