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Jesus Wasn't a Businessman, But He Can Still Coach and Council You Today

From episode: TGMS Ep: 137 Part 2 Business By His Design

had a picture behind my desk for years and I still have it there, but my new office has bookshelves behind me. But it was a picture. It's an older picture of a businessman sitting at a desk and Jesus is sitting across from him, giving him counsel. And that's, I mean, that's me. I wanna take counsel. Everything we read, my devotionals, my leadership devotionals, my leadership Bible. Someone said, let me get that over there. Someone said, they'd look at that picture and they go, wouldn't that be nice if Jesus could come down here and just sit across from you? And it would be. It would be awesome if he was live right there, but guess what? He's live right here. When you read this word, it becomes alive and you get good counsel. Jesus wasn't a businessman, but he can still coach and counsel business people today better than anyone. I'm telling you. So that's funny you mentioned the leadership Bible. That's my go -to as well. John Maxwell had a leadership Bible. I went to an event one time and I read it or started reading it and I'm like, oh my gosh, this is everything that I could ever think of or came across in business. There was a lesson in there and it helped me connect the dots back to exactly what you're just talking about. Then I also, the go -to for me is I use the YouVersion Bible app all the time. I mean, I start my day off with a devotional in there. I'm a daily, that's one of my daily disciplines, how I start my morning every day was with a daily devotional. I want the first thing I do when my feet hit the ground. The first thing I do is thank God for another day. The second thing I do is start putting his word into my head right away. Just let's get some positive things going or at least some truth going right away. And that's how I start. But leadership the Bible, I think is a must. The YouVersion Bible app, the reason why I love it is every time that I have a issue in business, personal, whatever, I go to the search function and I can type it in like gripey employee or unhappy customer, whatever it may be and poof, I can get all these resources that point me back to the way that I shouldn't be handling things. And most of the time, Greg, you'll know this, it's the opposite of what I want to do, but it's funny how that works. I'll give you another quick example. And this is talking about, you mentioned, wouldn't it be great if Jesus could just consult you all the time? And he can, he does that even through the Holy Spirit can prompt you to do things. But I remember one time just having this big, like I can't believe I've been forgiven for all that I've done. I'm just so thankful. I can't believe Jesus would forgive a guy like me. And then here, I was looking at our accounts receivable and I'm mad at these people. My gosh, why didn't they pay me? We did this work, they deserve to pay me. And they did, don't get me wrong. But at this moment I had this prompt. I'm like, you know what, Chris, you're hanging onto this pretty hard. You should probably take, and I think we took the top five biggest ones and use this as a learning thing for your team. So I called my team in, my inner office, inner team there, I'm like, all right, here's the deal. I'm stressing about this way too hard. These people owe us this money, hadn't paid us in a long time. Yet here I am so thankful for being forgiven for all that I've done. Let's take this opportunity. Let's take these top five people, let's call them and then let's write them a letter if they don't answer us and let them know that, hey, it's Christmas, we've been forgiven of a lot. I'm offering this to you paid in full, no strings attached, God bless you. And we did that and I sent it off. Who knows? I don't even know if the people got it, if they didn't. But for me, this huge weight was lifted off of me. And it was back to the opposite of what I wanted to do. But it was a point for me to listen to what God said, even though it didn't make business sense at the time, but truth be known, I was never gonna collect this money. These were old accounts. It was things that, and I was just harboring this. So I'm listening to the Holy Spirit telling me to do it, turning it into a learning experience for our team. And who knows, maybe those letters reach those people and who knows, it wasn't my responsibility at that time. I was just doing what God had called me to

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