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Business by His Design With ServiceTitan's Chris Hunter

From episode: TGMS Ep: 137 Business By His Design

titling this business by his design on purpose Chris and So I've got Chris Hunter Chris You know, we've talked a little bit about our Relationship with Jesus and running a Christian business, which we both take serious and So I want to start off with a couple questions As far as when we talk about our Christian walk and we refer to Jesus and Bible scriptures Could you share a little bit about your walk You know, when did you become a Christian and why? Yeah, well first, let me let me just say thank you so much for inviting me on man. I'm a huge fan Followed you for a long time and a lot of what even led me originally to you was your your strong faith and you wasn't ashamed of it and I respected that and I've always tried to Find other leaders and mentors that that I knew were were following that same path and that I could learn from right? So I I don't know. I can't remember how exactly I first heard about you But a longtime fan and a glad glad to finally connect like this and you sent me a book I really appreciated that that was it's a great book that you have as well So, oh and I remember let me let me think back way back when you had a game that I bought and then we played at our shop and it was a Basically teaching the technicians and everybody had a all about business, but it was in a game format and I love that So yeah flashback there. I just remembered that yeah, that was called top gob and it was stood for the open book game of business and Yeah, I just I wanted to let Technicians and installers and everybody else know just a little bit about making decisions in a business. So that's a pretty cool game Yeah, it was excellent. But yeah, so so back to some small walk So let me give you the short version. So I was really blessed man. I grew up with In the in the church grew up my mom was a strong believer always a taught me the right things and and All that stuff my dad as well, but I remember at 11 years old. I kind of had my first taste of Mortality like what in the world so I had my my stepdad at the time was killed in a car accident And it just opened up a whole lot of questions for me, you know, like oh my what does that mean? Where do they go? What happens? You know? And all of that since happened and and and at that point time is when I kind of hit that. Oh my goodness I need a Savior, you know, and I remember My mom to tell me all about it as well. And and I even had grandparents that always, you know, modeled it as well So at that point time I become a believer But now fast forward. I was a typical teenager man. I'm telling you Greg. I ran hard had a lot of fun did a lot of things and and and Lo and behold kind of fell fell into the trap of just living my life my own way For for a while and even in business, but then in at some point I want to say was probably around 2010 2011 I really had a Awakening, you know, like oh my goodness This is my my chance to live a godly life Pass on a legacy and really make a difference So at that point time is really when it turned for me and I went all -in as as you can say, yeah that's that's a great story and you know, I think we all need to There's gonna be a time in everyone's life where they realize they need something more There's something else out there there. We can't do it on our own every time we try it fails and And we can only create temporary happiness so long yeah, and and when I say, you know, a lot of people have the have the conversion story of all they were Doing drugs and drinking and all this stuff. So I'm necessary. I wouldn't necessarily that I wasn't all To the outside looking in. Oh, wow a great guy, you know, look at him, but you know what? I just was very apathetic. I wasn't I wasn't being intentional. I wasn't trying to to use my influence I wouldn't try to Do anything that God blessed me with these gifts for so so it was I was living Chris's way But it was very apathetic and so the conversion to going all -in wasn't necessary like oh my goodness You were terrible and now you have you've completely turned around but in all sense of the world I was being very very complacent and apathetic with the responsibility God had given

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