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What Is Life Without Taking Some Risks?

From episode: TGMS Ep: 128 You are BETTER than you THINK!

is life without taking some risks? I mean, if you own a business and you want to be an entrepreneurial entrepreneur, uh, you have got to realize there is risk involved. It's not, there's nothing easy about it. And talking about John D Rockefeller again, he said, if you chase money, you'll never catch it. And I've heard Larry Burkett years and years ago, when he was still around, he said, if you're chasing money, you will chase it forever. If you're starting a business just to make more money, go work for someone else. Fact go work for someone else. That is not a good reason only to start a business, starting a business and doing all these things. Typically, if you do them right, the by -product is making more money. And I also have learned and agree totally with, not just learned because when I read it, I go, that's me, that's me. I am motivated. I am not motivated by just making money. Just having money does not motivate me. What motivates me as did John D Rockefeller was just the next deal, winning the next deal, winning the next sale what's next. That's what motivates me. And yes, again, the by -product of that is when you win, you make more money. And that's great, but it's always the next thing. It's always, what can I do next to win? That's what motivates me. And that's what motivates a lot of other entrepreneurs. So that's kind of the reward. So the risk and reward today's risk relate to market and economic trends and finances and technology and new ways to serve customers faster to encourage growth. You have probably mitigated risk and leveraged size and stayed and flexible all those types of things. And you've researched outside of the box options. How can we serve our customers better? How can we serve our team better? You've researched all these things are outside the box. They're not normal. And they're not what the normal small business does. It's different. Again, that's also what motivates me is just being different and just trying new things and it's risk. Everything's a risk when you're in business and you're trying to grow and you're making things happen and you're wanting to be different than everyone else. Everything is a risk. Some pay off well, some don't. Some win, some lose. That's just part of

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