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Take Small Steps and Challenge Your Status Quo

From episode: TGMS Ep: 131 We must RISK to SUCCEED!

take small steps challenge your status quo start learning more about what you do and what you want to do educate yourself in what you want to do know your field better than anyone else in your market educate yourself in it better than anyone else you know i was just i was just working for a company when i started my business i didn't have any business education i didn't have a whole lot of uh experience and background in heating and air conditioning i just had the drive to start a business so i had to educate myself in heating and air conditioning the market not just not just necessarily how to fix things or technically how everything works that interests a lot of people that doesn't interest me as much i've got guys on my team that can do it blindfolded i don't need to know all that i do need to know though how to grow business i need to know how to keep people busy i know how to provide jobs and i know how to provide hours for people to keep them busy that's my job so i didn't get into the technical side of things i got into learning about hvac businesses and visiting other companies who were much much more successful than me and that's i'm a sponge i learned from that i learned from that i still talk to people every day who are running bigger businesses than me and are successful doing it not just bigger you can have bigger businesses somewhere in a hot climate and not necessarily be successful because my grandma could go there and start a business and be successful just because it's hot so but but have a business who it's fine -tuned it's professionally managed and it's continuing to grow because their systems in place not just because of the weather okay so uh take small steps read how to do it let's just pretend you're you're uh you're in your business you've been in your business five years and you're not the best at public speaking and you're not even comfortable getting up in front of your small team and talking much so what do you have to do well you need to take some classes on public speaking and you need to take uh buy some books on how to get comfortable in public speaking and that will help you and then it's trial and error get in front of them you're going to make mistakes that's okay that's what we're going to talk about next is don't be afraid to fail but you're going to make mistakes speaking that's okay just learn from them and keep getting better and keep getting better and keep doing it keep getting in front of them repetition okay trial and error very few entrepreneurs are like great public speakers very few and you know we get better as we go and also we build confidence as we get better we have more confidence and then increased confidence leads to more positive outcomes isn't that the truth okay there's an old chinese proverb that says this pearls don't lie on the seashore if you want one you must dive in for it okay so statistics show that most successful companies have the most confident leaders they go hand in hand they've built confidence they they weren't necessarily the most confident person when they started their company they were confident enough to start their company but they weren't confident in running their company but they got more confident by trial and error and trying things and diving into the deep instead of standing on the seashore and then vice versa the ones that stay on the shore and you know they don't gain much confidence staying on the shore okay learning from our mistakes and failures build confidence quitting after we fall or fail reduces our confidence so we can't quit got to keep going keep plugging ahead

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