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Success Requires Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Taking Risks

From episode: TGMS Ep: 131 We must RISK to SUCCEED!

you've not performed a SWOT analysis in your business you're missing out on some opportunities for growth. Ah SWOT analysis stands for strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats and we've had some over the years we've had some professional people come in who are experts at giving these SWOT analysis to teams and companies and they've spent hours they've spent hours here we've had we've had groups of myself my leadership team I brought in a few other people who are very close to me who know know my business we've spent hours just listing our strengths our weaknesses our opportunities and our threats and what we try to do is I prefer lots of energy in these kind of meetings and a lot of brainstorming a lot of thinking is required the findings from the SWOT analysis help take certain opportunities and risk that's what comes from these SWOT analysis we do such as and I'm just listing a few of mine because that's all I know but from the beginning when I was working out of a garage and I went to five different banks to try to get a loan for construction for our new building I could have stopped at four four said no that's a risk number five was a big risk for me but I've seen it as an opportunity somebody's going to say yes I just got to keep going building an 11 ,000 square foot building when I only had six employees and trying to lease two -thirds of it which it took me a year and a half to do that's a whole other story in itself that was a risk taking 90 of my hats off all the hats of responsibility from starting a business all the hats of marketing branding advertising knocking on doors answering phones calling people back running service calls installing and eventually doing air duct cleaning selling every hat I wore and 90 of them that was a risk taking 90 of the hats off act and after all I was the business owner wasn't I supposed to be the best at what I do answer no I was not the best at what I do I was the best at risking and taking a risk and going out and making it happen and getting it started then it was my responsibility and a risk to hire people to do it better than me and that's what I tried to do I also started a campaign from scratch called eight to eight same great rate one of the best things we ever did in our business we trademarked that we own it we copyrighted it whatever it is and we came up with specific procedures on how that was going to work and we grew somewhere between 20 and 30 percent a year for several years after we started that that was one of the best campaigns we ever did but that was a risk it was a risk to be open and advertise eight to eight same great rate and not take any overtime rate from eight to eight that was a risk it paid off well starting a full operating sheet metal shop from scratch when I still couldn't make a box if I had to that was a risk but I did my research and I knew I had to hire some qualified people and that's what I did and then of course buying this building that I'm in today it's 30 ,000 square feet it needed basically remodeled and updated that was a risk I was in a nice I was comfortable which we're going to talk about today I was comfortable in a nice 11 ,000 square foot building which I had just remodeled and I had another large 8 ,000 square foot building for a warehouse and distribution and and then I had our sheet metal 4 ,000 square foot sheet metal shop so I was comfortable everything was fine why would I buy this building it's a risk I saw the opportunity of being under one roof it was a risk I took the risk so far it's paid off well we've been in here almost eight

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