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Mike Agugliaro: To Scale a Business You Have to Scale YOURSELF

From episode: TGMS Ep: 135 Business and Life Mastery

So what would you, what do we tell the company that the business owner who's been doing, you know, somewhere between two and four million and he's capped out and he's burned out and he's not charging enough. What kind of advice do you understand it? He's good at what he does, but he doesn't understand a lot of the business side. What kind of advice do you give that guy? Well, I mean, the first thing everybody should write down, that's listening to this to, to scale anything, you have to scale yourself. And I think people don't spend enough time investing in improving themselves. They, they carry these belief systems that they've been programmed with. Like my dad, you know, he, he told me when I was a kid, he programmed me with money doesn't grow on trees. And after I was doing about 20 million in business and just anybody listening, I went from under a million to 32 million in less than 10 years. So I had 165 service trucks on the road all over New Jersey. You know, we, we did 40 ,000 customers a month. So we did a fair amount of customers, 200 employees, double digit profit. And what's that? What year? That was 2017. And I sold it in 2017, which feels like yesterday to me, I sold it for a sign my name and walk away deal at one of the highest multiples, not compared to what's happened through this last roll up, but one of the highest multiples, I was like the cat's meow, you know, and my dad, I went to him and I said, dad, you were right about one thing and wrong about another. And of course, my dad's a big Italian guy. He wants to know what he did wrong, right? I said, first, you told me money doesn't grow on trees. I said, but if I had lemon trees and apple trees, I could pick that and sell it for money. And he said something to me that changed my life forever. He said, you know what, son, I only told you what my dad told me. And in his dad told him, I started to question myself, how many people struggling in business in the world today for whatever they want to do, because they keep following beliefs that might have some value, but may not have what you need today. So then, of course, Greg, you're probably wondering, my dad's like, oh, well, at least what did I tell you that that was true? I said, well, you told me you didn't own the utility company, shut the damn lights off. And I said, you were right. You still don't own you still don't own the utility company. And then I became just like my dad, my kids, my whole life telling them shut the lights off, right? I don't own the utility company. So I think that's part about business owners today is to sit there and say, hang on, maybe I don't know. The next one, I'd say probably number three here is I am such a believer in coaching. Not because we do forms of coaching. I've had seven coaches is the most I had at one time. I had spiritual coach, relationship coach, marketing coach, business scaling coach. I have seven. I am a big believer that you're investing in solving your most immediate problem. And you probably heard this phrase. Everybody heard it like success leaves clues. But like who has time to be like when my daughter was little, she used to watch Dora the Explorer for anybody that knows that like who has time in life, Greg, to go run around and play Dora the Explorer and look for a clue. I want someone to give me the clue right now and say, look, here's what I want you to consider. If you do this and this, you're probably going to get that. And we've proved that over time. So those three, those couple things there can change everything for everyone.

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