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Greg Highlights Key Takeaways From an Inspiring John D. Rockefeller Speech

From episode: TGMS Ep: 134 One of the Greatest Entrepreneurial Business Speeches Ever

D. Rockefeller says, I admit that we cannot control the direction of the wind. So we can't control as positive thinking, as positive as we can be, we cannot control the wind. We cannot control what happens tomorrow. However, he says we can adjust the sail. In other words, choosing our attitude. Once you choose to value your attitude, those cowardly thoughts that degrade you, demoralize your will, corrode your confidence, and encourages you to give up on yourself, such as I'm a useless person, I'm a nobody, I have no say, I am worthless, and so on, will start disappearing and they'll be replaced by the resurrection of the mind. Wow, that's powerful. I want to resurrect my mind. I want to continue to resurrect my mind. Proactive changes in thoughts and actions, increase of confidence, and usage of the I can and I will mentality to face everything I do. If any of you have ever lied to yourself, looking at the students here, he's speaking to students of college here. Boy, don't college students need this today? We're in a situation, folks, in America. And it's not the college students' fault. Unfortunately, it's the leadership around them, including what takes place in the home. Lack of leadership in the home, maybe. So it's not this generation's fault. As much as we want to blame this generation, some generation raised this generation, folks. All right, so he says if you've ever lied to yourself, please stop here because those who do not think they are important or ordinary people who give up on themselves do not demean yourself at any time. You must choose your own assets or advantages. Ask yourself, where are my strengths? I ask this often. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? When analyzing your strengths, you cannot be too kind. That's good. List your strengths. It's a positive. A lot of your strengths were God -given gifts. We were given gifts by God. Each one of us have different gifts. Find your gift and use it and be proud of. If you have to focus on your strengths and tell yourself that you are better than you think, you must have a foresight and see the future potential for development instead of just looking at the current situation and having lofty expectations of yourself. Always remember this question, will important people do this? This will gradually make you more successful. So you must have the foresight to see the future. We talked a lot in this show for a while on the future self. What are you doing today to make your future self better? What will your future self thank you for later, for doing today?

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