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Get Out of Your Own Way: The Power of Asking for Help

From episode: TGMS Ep: 125 Get out of your own way-REVISED!

I want to talk about asking for help. Now honestly, guys, I have a lot of challenges. I have a lot of problems. I do things, you know, some things I do wrong. I'm OCD about a lot of things. But one thing I don't have any problem doing is asking for help. I mean, I just don't, I don't, I realize I don't know it all. I realize I don't have an S on this chest. If I did, it would stand for struggler. I struggle in things. I don't have all the answers. Uh, God has blessed me to do what I do and we've been very successful at it. Um, but I have gotten this far because of him and because of, uh, good business people who are a lot smarter than me and good advice from my wife. So swallow your pride. I don't think there's any S on your chest. Um, and I've, I don't know of any water walkers other than Jesus. Um, you know, I know, I know Peter got out of the boat and walked a few steps, but then he got, got his eyes off Jesus and he, uh, went down into the water and Jesus had to lift him out. There's another story there. Keeping your eyes on Jesus will, will get you a lot farther. But anyway, um, there's no water walkers. By the way, in our old building, we had a pond right next to it. My old building actually is, is just, um, south of my present building and I built it. And I told the story about it last week, about it falling down when we got the walls up and all that stuff, but there was a nice little pond on it. And I used to tell people in, uh, in our boot camps that, uh, you see that pond over there. The only time I've ever walked across it is when it was five below here in Dayton with windchill factor of 20. And it was a couple inches thick of ice. And I walked across that, but I don't walk on water and, uh, I, and neither do you. Um, so we don't have all the answers. And if we pretend to have all the answers, that really throws a mixed message to our team. It really does. And then they're afraid to challenge you. See, and when you realize, when you admit that you don't have all the answers, then your team are your team is free to challenge you and ask questions in an appropriate way, of course, but they're free to do that because they know you're not going to get your feelings hurt, or you're not going to get mad if they challenge you a little bit and ask a question. Okay. There's been many times where Greg wanted to go this way. And my leadership team said, hold on a minute. If we go this way, can we do this, this, and this still? Okay. No. You're right. We shouldn't go this way. Um, but I laugh. You know what? I thought it was a great idea. I just didn't think it through all the way. You know what I mean? Um, ready, fire, aim. Again, that comes back to haunt me sometimes. Um, but we must learn to set our pride aside. We must learn that we do own our businesses. Well, I've said, God owns it. I manage it. But we do own our businesses, but we don't have all the answers. And like Steve Jobs said, we hire smarter people than us, not to tell them what to do, but so they can tell us what to do. And when you have that attitude and you have that mindset and you have that strategic plan, I don't know, look where it got Steve pretty far. So there's always different perspectives. There's always different answers and there's always a better way.

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