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Boost Your Leadership Skills With Better Decision Making

From episode: TGMS Ep: 130 Leaders Make Tough Decisions or Businesses Fail

We have to improve our decision making if we're going to be a stronger, bold leader. Now let's face it, as a leader we make multiple decisions in a day. Whether you're great at delegating or not, we make multiple decisions in a day. And there are some days my wife might ask me, how'd it go today? What'd you do? I can't name them all. I don't even remember them all. It was just multiple decisions. Multiple decisions. Not just putting out fires, multiple decisions making. Important. Multiple decision making. Okay? Seeking insight is very wise. I've got a leadership team. I teach other people how to grow a leadership team, have a leadership team, improve their leadership team, what you use your leadership team for. So seeking insight is very wise. Inside and outside the company, very wise. Board of advisors, talk about that a lot. Business coaches, mentors, all those things. Most all good leaders do discuss and share ideas among their leadership team. However, too much information can cause what's called analysis paralysis. In other words, where too much information keeps us from making a decision. In my world of heating and air conditioning, if a customer gets too many estimates, they get analysis paralysis and they don't know how to make a decision. Too much information. And I'll be honest with you, if a customer, it's one of the questions we ask of the screening of the call, how many estimates are you getting? If it's over a certain number, we just pass. Or we say something like, when you've gotten all the estimates and you haven't figured it out yet, then give us a call because we just don't want to be thrown in that pile. It's a very confusing pile. I used to tell people, I get confused and I do this every day. Okay, so, but when we get too much information as a leader, the same thing happens to us. Now, sometimes we make too many decisions based on consensus. We refuse to decide until our leadership team's on board. And by the way, that is rare that you're going to get everyone on board. Nobody agrees on everything. And remember the fast eats the slow. It used to be the big eats the small. Now it's the fast eat the slow. I don't care how big you are. If you're faster, you're going to get the job. You're going to make things happen. So the fast eat the slow and waiting too long can kill a deal or lose the effectiveness of a meeting. So if somebody, if an employee did something today and you need to discuss it with them, if you're going to go to the leadership board and discuss this and wait for a consensus, it could take days. It is now too late to talk to that employee about what happened three days ago. Okay, you need to hit it while it's hot, either that same day or the next day. And when you do that is entirely up to you. Sometimes mornings are not the best. Sometimes after work the next day is better. And there's a lot to that. So, but remember, strong leaders are not concerned about getting everyone on board. They get out in front and they lead. And that's what they do. They make decisions. And I say make decisions right or wrong. Just make a decision. You're the leader. Lead. People will appreciate you and respect you more.

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