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Are You a Disruptor or a Disruptee in Your Market?

From episode: TGMS Ep: 126 When You Are #1, Youre a Moving Target

you want to make your competitors more jealous of you be disruptive in your industry, it will drive them nuts. They won't know what to do. Um, I talk about in the book of characteristics of disruptees and characteristics of disruptors and, you know, a disruptee, they fail to appreciate changes in the market. So they just keep doing status quo. Um, they're invested heavily in status quo. Um, they, their old product designs are just too cumbersome to move quickly without starting over. So they just continue to do the same old thing over and over that, that the whole company's been doing forever. They never make any changes. Um, that's why they're so easy to beat. They don't have the needed expertise for desire changes. Why change sacred cows and old biases flourish in these companies affecting even the best of intentions to change. And then the disruptors, man, they're the complete opposite. They recognize possibilities and they refuse to become slaves to the past and they deal with, um, how to be, how to regain quickness and be faster than anyone else. And they're fully committed to their initiatives. And they, um, they're, they critically, they are either new companies or they're willing to find a way to recapture their entrepreneurial heritage. So in other words, they don't have to be a new company, but a lot of times the new company does come in with new ideas and, and they, uh, like me, I worked for someone and I learned what not to do instead of what really, what to do. I, I, I kept saying things like, I will, if I ever have my own company, I will not do this. And, uh, so sure enough, when I started my own company, I did not do those things. So, um, the disruption mindset is where entrepreneurs should be spending most of their time. And, um, you know, just so you know, disruptions are a way of life today and many businesses have had their doors closed because of them. Okay. So when you are disruptive, um, they have a very hard time keeping up with you. You're disrupting the standard quo or status quo, rather of the industry you're in, you know, maybe your industry has been doing a certain thing for a certain way forever. And all of a sudden you come in and you go, we're not going to do that anymore. And you change everything. You change the way you market. You change the way you brand, you know, you change the way you advertise. You change the way you serve people. You change the way you sell, change the way you close a sale, change the way you train.

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