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Greg McAfee, author of the book, “Build and Grow Your HVAC Business”, will warm up any room with his practical, no nonsense ideas, processes, and motivation. Meeting planners looking for someone who is a dream to work with and the consummate professional, will appreciate Greg’s approach.


There are speakers that you can hire to come in and share their advice with you; many of them are very good. The issue becomes will their advice work? Greg’s presentations are full of real world, relevant ideas that Greg wasn’t doing 10 years ago: he shares ideas he is using today. Greg is current and relevant like only a real entrepreneur can be. Greg McAfee is an expert that speaks and that’s what makes him different than most other speakers. His audiences appreciate this approach.

Oh, we must warn you, Greg will tell you what he thinks, which sometimes might not be what you want to hear. But, he believes to get better, we must have a true assessment of reality. For more details on how Greg can make your next HVAC business conference or meeting a success, call him today!

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