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Greg McAfee loves to share his experience in running an award winning HVAC business with other HVAC business owners. His process works, it works so well in fact, Greg will only work with companies outside his market area to protect his own operation. (What does that tell you about the power of his teachings?) Furthermore, Greg only works with a select few contractors each year; he might not be a match for what you need and if he's not, he'll tell you. Greg advises his clients that success is a process; not something found overnight. It takes time. Here are the many ways Greg can help you:

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HVAC Business Revival
(Formerly known as Boot Camp)

One of Greg's favorite offerings are his revivals (formerly called "boot camps.") This is a 2 day visit to Greg's operation where you get an inside, confidential look into all McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning does. Normally, Greg's clients bring one or two of their key people to the event. Attendees get hands on training from not only Greg, but also his management team in Greg's state of the art learning center, located at McAfee Headquarters. If you're someone who learns better by experiencing the lesson, this is the event for you.

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HVAC Business Coaching Services

Most HVAC business owners need to make the change from being the do-it-all man to becoming a business man. Greg was once a furnace-man, thinking there had to be a better way. He found a better way...

Greg works with HVAC business owners all over the US. His ideal client is one that falls in the $500,000 to $8,000,000 sales range. He moves them to new heights using the experiences only a 25 year HVAC business veteran could call upon. Greg makes recommendations based on what he has done at his own personal laboratory called McAfee Heating and Air. If he hasn't done it, he won't tell you to do it. He is current on trends and realistic with advice and expectations. If you are a HVAC business owner looking to grow, value an honest assessment, and are prepared to act, then Greg's experience and consulting process will be the best thing you'll ever do for your business.

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Greg McAfee, author of the book, "Build and Grow Your HVAC Business", will warm up any room with his practical, no nonsense ideas, processes, and motivation. Meeting planners looking for someone who is a dream to work with and the consummate professional will appreciate Greg’s approach...

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5 star review for HVAC service

Success story - a master at helping others

"Greg is a master at helping others to get their business on track. I would recommend Greg's business builder program to anyone!"

Jay Burk

Training with a focus on success

We focus on topics and content that is critical to the success and growth of businesses. The Greg McAfee team has the know how to get you to the next level whatever that level may be.

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