E-News - Shoot for Excellence!

At McAfee, we operate by a certain mantra: “We shoot for perfection! While we know we can’t hit that (since no one can), we will still hit excellence along the way.”

Last night, I had the privilege of hearing Kyle Snyder speak at a “Night for Excellence” event at Ohio State University, when I was invited by my friend and mentor Mark Swepston, of Atlas Butler Heating and Cooling. At only 21 years old, Kyle has already won three World and Olympic titles in a row!

I learned much from this young world champion, but there was one particularly helpful nugget I took from Kyle: Consistency was crucial in his striving for excellence. Kyle shared a story about his wise father, who hung a pull-up bar in the garage for him and his brothers to use. Next to that bar, he placed a dry-erase board, on which the family wrote motivational quotes. While many were written on that board over the years, one was placed at the top and never changed: “Will your competition outwork you today?” Kyle Snyder read that question multiple times a day as he entered the garage, when he worked out, when he walked through garage to depart for school, and so on. In the end, it was a challenge to remain consistent and persistent in his workouts, and that gave him a competitive edge over others who participated in his sport.

As I drove home from that “Night for Excellence,” I thought about that in terms of my career. Do I work harder than my competition does when it comes to striving for excellence? Do I challenge myself to do so every day, every hour, every minute? All things considered, it’s safe to say that if I were to quit aiming so high, shooting so hard for excellence, the competitors who are always right on my heels will eventually catch up and surpass me. How do I know? Because I started from scratch with $274 and a used truck in 1990, and I’ve caught and surpassed over 500 companies in my territory and become number one in my residential market. Like Kyle, I chose to outwork, out-market, out-advertise, and out-think my competition, some of whom had been around for fifty to seventy-five years. It took about twenty-four years, but it happened, and it happened on purpose. While many companies were trying to copy our “8 to 8 at the same great rate,” McAfee remained three steps ahead of them, always planning our next move, and those moves have carried us forward time and time again, propelling us closer and closer to excellence and perfection.

Note that it can be easier getting to number one than it is to stay there, and I know I have a big bull’s-eye on my back, which is content for another newsletter. In the meantime, persist and always shoot for excellence!

Carry On!

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Coach