I want to give a shout out to all members about a great upcoming opportunity. I attended one of Greg McAfee's Boot camps awhile back and whole heartedly recommend it to anyone in our industry. Greg opened up his whole operation to us while we were there. We had access to all the staff to ask questions and get ideas on how to improve our own operations. The systems and processes he has in place are so efficient and with such a large company it was really impressive to see how that culture has been built into all facets of that business. If anyone has any reservations or questions about attending please contact me anytime.

Jeff Wilbur
President of Wilbur Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Greg McAfee HVAC Business Consulting 5 A great upcoming opportunity!


On November 19, 1990, Greg McAfee took $274 and a used pickup truck and started McAfee Heating and Air.  Today, McAfee Heating and Air is an award-winning, multi-million dollar operation.

Whether you are a company of 5, or you have 50 employees, HVAC Business Consultant Greg McAfee can help you get to the next level.  He’s been in both situations and knows how to get the HVAC business owner to see what’s possible and then get it done. If you’re frustrated and see other small companies doing better than yours, then you need to consider working with Greg.  Isn’t it time you see what is possible?



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